The origins of Marker were in the founders' experience of the antiquated chaos which characterised so much of the onboarding they saw as MLROs and consultants. Too much paper, too much headcount and not enough time for quality risk analysis.

Surely there had to be another way? Something which was:
But which didn't compromise on the baseline need to take a cool, dispassionate look at clients’ back stories – their economic models, sources of funds (SoF) and, as necessary, their sources of wealth (SoW). A solution which combined the efficiencies of automation with the power of artificial intelligence to supercharge the accuracy and quality of the KYC record.

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The onboarding tool that does the work of seven people.
Better Organised

Director, Client Delivery

Tim Parkman

Tim Parkman is a lawyer, compliance officer and MLRO with 25 years of experience in countering financial crime, initially with the Standard Chartered Group and then as managing director of training and consulting company Lessons Learned Ltd. He is the author of "Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing" (Financial Times Publishing, January 2020).

Director, Legal and Regulatory

Stuart Hammond

Stuart Hammond has extensive financial crime experience in both the public and private sectors. He is currently a member of the Law Society of Scotland’s (LSS) AML Sub-Committee. In the past he has held senior financial crime compliance (FCC) roles regionally and globally with Standard Chartered Bank, Aviva and HBOS and more recently provided FCC Policy and Procedure consultancy to major UK Financial Institutions.


Lawrence Hunt

Lawrence is a British born entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, building software and technology businesses in banking and various industries. Lawrence was at the forefront of each of the technology revolutions since the 1980’s, working with some of the world’s leading tech businesses and individuals.

Chief System Architect

Tim Waring

With over 15 years of industry experience, Tim is Marker's Chief System Architect. He has executed hundreds of technology projects across many industries, including fintech. Tim’s degree is in Web Development from Manchester University and his background is as a full stack developer working in PHP and all popular technologies across the front end. Now, as team leader, Tim is responsible for delivering all technical aspects of Marker's next generation, intelligent onboarding tool.


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