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AI technology that simplifies all aspects of customer onboarding and compliance
Complete simplicity
in a complex world

AI technology that does the work of seven people.

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What's your problem?

Every business has an onboarding or KYC problem. What's yours?

Death by PDF

"We've got endless email back-and-forths with multiple clients. PDFs and attachments everywhere. Out of date spreadsheets. Not to mention late night adverse media search marathons on Google. We're spending so much time on box-ticking that there's none left for actually knowing our customers and managing financial crime risk."

DKYC (Don't know your customers)

"We've already started implementing a digital onboarding solution, but we have some concerns with higher risk clients. The information we're getting from them is too scant. How did they make their money? What is their business model? Why do they really want to use our services?"

It's all out of date

"Half a million accounts contain inadequate CDD information and must be refreshed. I know what that means; expensive teams of KYC analysts trawling manually through documents and data fields to identify the gaps. Millions of emails and phone calls to unhappy customers. The costs will be astronomical."


Complete simplicity in a complex world


Adaptive smart forms


Document screening and data capture


Advanced AI technology


Simple dashboard view


Seamless integration


Single customer record


Automated customer data refresh

No-one else does what we do.


Reduces the number of steps in the onboarding process, plus the time and resource required to onboard customers.

Time & cost saving

Captures customer information in a seamless, fully integrated application creating readily accessible and enhanced quality of information.


Marker is founded and developed by industry experts who have been at the forefront of AML, KYC, financial crime compliance and technology development for over 40 years.

Customer Satisfaction

Through a frictionless, advanced workflow application, customers will find your onboarding or remediation process relationship-enhancing, rather than a blocker to doing business.


Dramatically reduces errors, manual validation and form checking

Regulatory Effectiveness

Demonstrates organisational commitment and reliability on anti-money laundering and counter terrorist and proliferation financing to your stakeholders, regulators and correspondent banks.

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